20:00 - 02:00, 28. September
Capacity: 199
Retune Festival 2018
20:00 - 02:00, 28. September
Capacity: 199

Retune Festival

STATE Studio
 Hauptstraße 3, 10827 Berlin

We are closing the Retune Festival 2018 with a performance and club night. Expect a super sweet line-up with performances by Pandelis Diamantides, Florence To & VanTa, Lukas Truniger & Nicola Hein, installations by Pfadfinderei, Studio Milz, Thomas Blanchard and Oilhack and a club night with the fabulous Hoe_Mies.

»Membranes« will be performed live performance at the festival's closing night. Exploring the boundaries where music and language overlap, Nicola L. Hein and Lukas Truniger use hybrid instruments – constructed from drum-skins and electronic components – as devices to turn written texts into pulses of light and percussive sound.

»Go Back to Hiding in the Shadows« by Pandelis Diamantides is a digital granary of processed instrumental and electronic sounds, field recordings, rock formations, plants, animals and swarms unfolds a narrative of becoming.

The performance »C/YC | colour + sound modulation« by Florence To & VanTa is using analogue video synthesis, sound and signal processing.

»Monolith« by Pfadfinderei is a video sculpture which aesthetically melts screen and content.

The immersive installation »Colours X Colours« is the result of the collaboration between Oilhack and Thomas Blanchard, Two artists / painters combining their know-how and inspiration to create unique works. Their standards drive them forward each and every day to come out with innovative combinations and new techniques.

Furthermore you will see the result of Studio Milz' morning workshop in form of a wooden sculpture. And will get a sneak-peak into the amazing STATE Studio, the new permanent art science space by STATE Festival.

We fade out the festival with the female DJ collective »Hoe_Mies«. Expect finest Hip Hop tunes.

20:00: Doors open
21:00: »Membranes« Performance by Lukas Truniger & Nicolas Hein
21:45: »Go Back to Hiding in the Shadows« Performance by Pandelis Diamantides
22:30: »C/YC | colour + sound modulation« Performance by Florence To & VanTa
23:00: DJ set by Hoe_Mies

Installations all evening: »Monolith« by Pfadfinderei, »ColorsXColors« by Thomas Blanchard and Oilhack and sculpture by Studio Milz

Lukas Truniger is an artist and musician, who engages in the areas of multimedia installations, sculptural objects, performances and the creation of new musical instruments. He is fascinated by complex systems and hidden processes in nature as well as in society. For the exploration of their inherent aesthetics industrial materials, hacked devices and misused tools have become crucial to his creation. His work establishes singular experiences challenging the modalities of perception.

Nicola L. Hein - guitarist, soundartist, philosopher and composer - is a very active player on the german/international scene of improvised music. Moreover soundart (soundinstallations, site specific instruments, conceptual compositions for improvising musicians etc.) and the collaboration in different interdisciplinary settings (dance, installation, video art etc.) are an important focus of his art and form a second emphasis besides the work as a guitarist.

Pandelis Diamantides |1978| is a sound and visual artist working between Cyprus and The Netherlands. In his music productions and audiovisual performances, he uses custom digital technology to create complex binary landscapes, where detailed sound compositions and electronic rhythms are enhanced by multifaceted visuals providing a true immersive experience. He performs solo under the pseudonym Microseq.

Florence To is an art director and artist designing and producing sound and light installations, also creating generative motion graphics and light productions with a strong focus on architectural spatial design on site specific projects. Through working in various disparate environments she ventured further into exploring the effects of cognitive and emotional triggers, and how different sensory arrangements are experienced within space.

VanTa is a digital Alter Ego. After studying Environmental Sciences in Granada University in Spain, he began his career as a visual designer as part of the audiovisual collective Miga. Since moving to Berlin, he began working at the mythical record label M-nus, where he became part of the developer team at 2V-P.

Thomas Blanchard is a French video artist who likes to explore themes and mix various kinds of art. His work has been showcased in various festivals and exhibitions throughout the world. The contemporary art biennal of Casablanca in 2016, the STARZ Denver film festival, the New York Springstudio, and technologic arts gallery Artechouse located in Washington DC have all been collaborators to his projects. Thanks to his work on shapes, colours, pigments, textures, he creates visually mesmerizing and powerful pieces.

Oilhack is a self-taught artist inspired by nature since his early childhood. His creations are an alchemy of colours, of matters, of textures, an alloy of energies that come to life under his support. His painted movements and assembly techniques are what will create diversity. His work is the result of the combination of his artistic practices, taken at a given moment, then recorded, emphasized and embellished by photography. He has also collaborated with Thomas Blanchard on the Iphone X and Sony Square projects.

Hoe_mies is a hip hop party series and community space that provides a platform for female, non-binary, and transgender artists and celebrates their presence in hip-hop in order to counteract marginalisation within that scene. Its dancefloors boast a colourful mix of 90s & 00s hip hop and RnB, trap, baile funk, dancehall, reggaeton, and more.